Don’t buy these over-hyped Beats if you listen to Rock/Metal music

Merry Christmas folks!
Last month turned out to be really cool. I won a free pair of urBeats in-ear earphones from a good chance. These cost $90 out in the market, so yay, lucky me.

So, the packaging of these Beats is really compact and catchy. You get the earphones (duh) with 4 different sizes of earbuds that can be changed as per the user’s ear’s dimensions (yeah, I’m an engineer). You also get a storage case which I find is too small and it’s always a challenge to stuff the earphones in this limited space of a pouch. A removable clip is provided as well, with which you can attach the earphones to your shirt. The urBeats come with the in-line smart remote and mic with which you can control your music.

The performance. Well, I’ll be blunt. I totally dislike these earphones. The urBeats add too much bass, which I feels spoils music. And the music I listen to is typically Rock or Metal (Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bullet For My Valentine, etc). It just kills the music, and I don’t mean it as a complement. It’s a buzzkill. I have to set the music EQ (equalizer) setting to “Bass Reducer” or “Trebel Booster” to get some enjoyment out of this over-hyped product.

The Stairway to Heaven solo, which is considered the greatest guitar solo of all time, just feels blah on the urBeats. The Afterlife solo of Avenged is nothing less, a major letdown for A7X fans like myself or the millions out there. I’d rather stick to my Sennheiser CX310 which I’ve been using since the past 3 years. And the CX310 sound beautiful, and at what price? $35! Yup, nearly a third of the price of the urBeats. The CX310 miss out on the smart remote+mic, but I still consider it a fair deal. The Sennheisers can play just any genre of music beautifully, and it’s prices are really reasonable. I can give you about 10 models of Sennhiesers that can outperform the urBeats, in my opinion atleast.

The urBeats don’t totally suck however. The extra bass that these earphones add, proves valuable when listening to Electronic or House music. “Animals” by Martin Garrix, “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia and similar of the sort, just sound beautiful. It’s a sheer joy listening to this genre of music on the urBeats.

And when it comes to noise isolation, I’d give the urBeats a 10/10. The 4 earbuds that come in different sizes make sure that you don’t hear a thing from your surroundings, be it your kids crying or your wife yelling. The smart remote is really handy, especially when you’re on the road driving. You can rewind, replay, forward, skip, answer/reject calls, place calls using Voice Control/Siri, etc all perfectly fine. And that’s the primary reason I use these earphones instead of my Sennheisers.

Beats provides only 1 year of warranty to cover their earphones while Sennheiser provides 2. And trust me it matters a lot, especially for a consumable that will eventually wear out with time. I got my Sennheiser CX310’s replaced thrice after they stopped working due to natural causes, all because it fell under their two year warranty period. And that’s why I would recommend Sennheisers to you anyday, extremely reasonable for it’s prices and the 2 year warranty period. It would make a great Christmas present.

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