xbox360Target, the venerable retailer who seems to have the inside track on most new video game skus, is at it again. What did we see in Target this Sunday but the new Xbox 360 with 60GB hard drive.

This SKU isn’t scheduled for release until August 4th. Apparently your local Target may have jumped the gun again. This was spotted in a NYC Target. You may be able to find the same SKU at your local Target. Comment below if you have similar success at other Targets.

However, with the $399 PS 3 80GB SKU coming online in Sept. Will this unit present a good value? On the positive side, with the original Pro package at $299, $50 extra gets you three times the storage capacity (20GB vs 60GB).

Here is what we wish to see from Microsoft on the Xbox front:

$249 Xbox Arcade Bundle
$275 Xbox Pro (20GB) Bundle
$300 Xbox Pro (60GB) Bundle
$350 Xbox Elite (120GB) Bundle

It would be nice to have a $400 Xbox with Blu-ray player bundle as well but then that would just be dreaming.