While the iPhone 5 isn’t free, Freedompop will offer you the refurbished iPhone 5 for $349, the service is free provided you can live within the limits of the free offer. Freedompop will offer wireless service with 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 mbs of data each month on their free plan. You can upgrade to plans with higher allowance for additional charge. The service runs off Sprint network (Including the LTE network) so the quality varies depending on where you live. Overall, a decent deal if you can live within the limitations. Source: Re/Code

Editor’s note: Just like that the Obivoice branding has been replaced by the new Vestalink branding. The prices remains the same as are the offers.

If you’re one of the many users of the Obihai devices such as the Obi100, 202, or 110, you’re probably looking for a replacement service to Google Voice. The free phone service offered by using Google Voice with the Obihai device is ending due to Google’s decision to retire the XMPP API calls from the Google Voice and Messenger service. However, there is a new service that popped up recently hoping to take over the void left by Google Voice on Obihai – Obivoice.

While the service has no direct relations with the Obihai devices, it is a standard VOIP service that will work flawlessly on the devices. In fact, you can even mimic the Google Voice number by spoofing the number with your service. While not free, the service is a reasonable $40 per year with 2000 minutes included each month. This is still cheaper than any phone service out there.

If you’re interested, check them out and sign up for a trial account:



Shoprunner is a competitor service to Amazon Prime. It offers free 2 day shipping from hundreds of retailers across the web – Overstock, Newegg, etc. The service is useful if you often shop online at places other than Amazon. However, traditionally the service cost $79 a year.

American Express has recently struck a promotion with the company. Provided you have a eligible card, you can sign up for Shoprunner for free. The free service is active as long as your linked American Express card is active. So there is no expiration to worry about. Considering it’s free, there is no harm in signing up for an account and use it when shopping at participating retailers.


Debit cards have gained in popularity over the years due to its simplicity. It prevents cardholders from overspending – the amount used is always tied to the cash you have in your account. However, that simplicity also comes at a cost. As the CNN article highlights, when thieves steal your number and pin, they can gain full access to your checking account and empty it. On the other hand, credit cards are much safer in this regard.

Next time you shop in stores. it may be more prudent to use your credit card instead of debit cards.


$20 for checking monthly

While we’re used to banks offering one time sign up bonus for opening checking or saving accounts but this is the first time we seen a bank go the extra step and offering customers a recurring bonus for keeping accounts at the institution. Bank Santander, global bank that is less well known on American soil, is offering $20 a month for customers who open checking and saving accounts there. There are, of course, a few caveats attached to this offer:

To receive the full amount, customer must:

  1. Receive monthly direct deposit totaling over $1,500 a month
  2. Make at least two online bill payment through the checking account each month

Otherwise, the checking account will charge $10 a month service fee and the saving account requires a $100 minimal monthly balance. Overall, a decent deal if you’re looking for a new bank to park your saving and checking account. While the branch network is limited to the Northeast, they offer ATM access through a partnership and most CVS stores free of charge.

Bank Santander

Editor’s note: Bank Santander entered the US market by acquiring the interest of Sovereign Bank, hence the branch network that is heavily in the Northeast. Sovereign bank had mix records with customer service in the past, so proceed with caution if you’re looking for a bank with good customer service.

We love the Raspberry pi, the credit card size open source computer has been put use to build all kind of fun experiments and projects. Now, a UK company aim to use the Raspberry Pi as the heart of a DIY computer for kids. The project looks fun and they already surpassed their funding goals on Kickstarter. However, you can still join them and order the computer early for the kids or the young at heart.


Behind the scenes at Squarespace

19 Nov 2013 In: Entertainment

One of our favorite small business website hosts – Squarespace recently opened their door to “Small Empire”, the web series devoted to startups in the area. Considering the beauty of their service and offering, I highly recommend any fans to view the video for a behind the scene look at the company,

Nexus 5 Review

14 Nov 2013 In: Technology Review

We were one of the lucky few to get our orders in for the 16GB Nexus 5 device on the release date. So after a week of using the pure Google experience device, how do we like it? Well, read on and find out.



The hardware must be say, is absolutely beautiful, the Snapdragon 800 processor makes everything fly on the screen. We haven’t encounter screen freeze or other related issues associated with skinned Android devices (Ex. Touchwiz on Samsung). The LTE access is a welcome addition and seems to provide better battery life at least on the T-Mobile network. We tested the speed around New York city and were able to reach 30MB down and 25 MB up in one section. Average speed is probably around 20MB down and 11 Up. The design is a black slab with rubberized backplate that prevents the phone from slipping out of our hands.
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Paypal is the granddaddy of online payment platforms, at least on the Internet. We’re been Paypal users ever since our first Ebay purchase way back in the day. Now Paypal is expanding it’s sphere to include payment not much for online purchases but also for in-store purchases face to face. So how does it compare to the competition such as Square or Stripe? Read on to find out.

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One of our favorite ultrabooks is finally on sale from Microsoft store. This is the Acer S7 ultrabook with third generation Core i5 processor and 13.3 full HD touchscreen. The computer is brand new with Microsoft signature service, meaning no bloatware. It may just be the time to upgrade that laptop.

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