Editor’s note: Just like that the Obivoice branding has been replaced by the new Vestalink branding. The prices remains the same as are the offers.

If you’re one of the many users of the Obihai devices such as the Obi100, 202, or 110, you’re probably looking for a replacement service to Google Voice. The free phone service offered by using Google Voice with the Obihai device is ending due to Google’s decision to retire the XMPP API calls from the Google Voice and Messenger service. However, there is a new service that popped up recently hoping to take over the void left by Google Voice on Obihai – Obivoice.

While the service has no direct relations with the Obihai devices, it is a standard VOIP service that will work flawlessly on the devices. In fact, you can even mimic the Google Voice number by spoofing the number with your service. While not free, the service is a reasonable $40 per year with 2000 minutes included each month. This is still cheaper than any phone service out there.

If you’re interested, check them out and sign up for a trial account: