How to Install and Configure VPN on Android Devices

The Android operating system has gained popularity in recent times because most of the devices of our choice like tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones run on Android technology. A VPN provides an additional level of security by creating a secure tunnel between the user’s device and the Internet.

Information that passes through the tunnel gets encrypted. This stops hackers from prying on personal information of the user. Choice of various servers all across the globe is provided to the users when they connect to a VPN. Premium VPN services provide their users servers in Europe, USA, and Asia.

Is VPN for android different from other normal VPNs?

A VPN for Android is compatible with devices that run on Android OS. All the normal VPNs do not work with all the device of the user’s choice. The users should consider the compatibility factor of the service they choose before buying the VPN service. The reviews of the VPN service should also be read carefully for getting the most suitable service.

Why do the users need an Android VPN?

A VPN service compatible with Android device keeps the personal information of the user secured. But do everybody need the services of a VPN? The answer is simple. For users checking email, sharing information on the internet and doing online banking on their Android device, a VPN is a must. Security services offered by a VPN can be utilized not only by a business person but also by others. The users need a VPN provider which can secure other connections also apart from the users’ mobile devices.

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Secure connection on public networks

The users must be careful while transmitting personal information via public networks. The users can’t just sit quietly and hope that the information stays safe from eavesdroppers. Browsing over public networks from mobile devices at school or at work can be risky and the users must keep their data secured. Android VPN makes the mobile broadband secure very easily. Certain public networks like Wi-Fi are used for public browsing. There is also a great amount of risk involved in wireless networks and hence the use of Android VPN is a must.

Access geographically restricted contents

Some online TV channels and websites block their contents or streaming videos/songs and abstain people belonging to geographic locations outside the borders of their country from accessing those contents. By using Android VPN the user can manipulate his/her IP which makes them believe that the user is accessing the content from a location within their territory. Therefore, the user has complete access to all the stuff that is otherwise geographically-locked.

Some protocols used by Android VPN

Android VPNs make use of some protocols for encryption of data – L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN. However, L2TP has some advantages over PPTP. L2TP protocol uses double-layered security for encrypting user’s data. Hence L2TP offers more security and protection from threats. This is the reason why more VPN providers go for L2TP protocol. However, PPTP has an advantage in the form of connection speed. PPTP offers more connection speed than L2TP and the difference is few milliseconds.

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